Reverse your Baptism

On this site you can undo your baptism. Whether you were baptised as a child without your informed consent, or baptised willingly as an adult, you can now make it clear you no longer accept the implications of the rite of baptism.

There is no charge for this service.

Simply fill in a form, print your certificate, and sign it.

No personal information is retained, or used for anything but to produce your personalized Unbaptismal Certificate.

Unbaptismal Certificate Application


Refuse / Revoke After-Death Baptism

We have been requested to provide a certificate revoking after-death (or posthumous) baptism of deceased relatives by the LDS Church. Two versions of this form are now available along with another new form rejecting such baptism for yourself in the future.

Baptism After Death  Rejection / Reversal

Blank Forms

If instead of having our processor fill in the date and your name, you'd just like a blank form to fill in with your own exquisite calligraphy, then select your form here.


In due course we'll be adding a little more information about why we are doing this, but in the meantime, just the application form will do. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please use our contact form or use the comments form on the About page.

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