After-Death Baptism Refusal / Revocation

Privacy policy

Information collected through this process is used only for the immediate production of a personalized document. No information about you or your computer is retained, nor is it distributed to any third party.


  1. Enter the name to appear on certificate (Your's if refusing baptism after death, otherwise the name of the deceased for whom you are acting;
  2. Select which form you want:
    • for you;
    • for someone who specified while alive they wanted no after-death baptism;
    • or, for someone who said nothing on the issue;
  3. Click on "Generate";
  4. Using the print function, set your printer on either Landscape Mode or on resize to print (depending on your printer and system, this may appear on the main printer dialogue, or you may have to go into the printer properties menu);
  5. Print as many copies as you need[1];
  6. Sign the document and have it witnessed[2];
  7. Frame one copy and hang on the wall, distribute other copies as you consider necessary.
After-Death Baptism Rejection Form:


  1. Possible uses for copies of this document:
    - a copy framed and hung on wall
    - a copy with your will,
    - a copy sent to the local LDS church and a copy to LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City
    - a copy to any relative who might put you up for LDS baptism after your death.
  2. Witnessing is important. Your witness does not have to agree with what you are doing, but simply confirm that he or she has seen you sign the document. While you do not have to "out" yourself to everyone you know, letting this one person know validates that you are doing something you take seriously.

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